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Pro Track Supply Rubber Track Warranty

In the unlikely event you experience a track failure due to manufacture defect contact your selling dealer as quickly as possible. Pro Track Supply stands behind the product we sell with a 100% Warranty. We stand by the consumer by standing behind our products.


Pro Track Supply Tracks are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of up to 12 months for all CTL, Carriers, Multi-Terrain Loaders, MiniExcavators, Lifting Platforms, Crawler Cranes and Directional Drilling machines. This warranty is extended to the original product purchaser and applies to a track that becomes unserviceable, in the intended application, due to a manufacturers defect. After the initial 100% replacement period, warranty consideration is provided on a 12 month (prorate) basis determined by months of service.


Warranty Claim Process:

In the event of track failure, notify Pro Track Supply immediately at (865) 635-9838. You will need to provide detailed pictures of the track failure.

1. Picture of the complete track.

2. Picture of the size.

3. Picture of the serial number.

4. Picture of the defect/failure.

Items NOT Covered by Warranty:

Rubber Track assemblies are not warranted against normal wear and tear, misuse, damage caused by non-recommended working conditions, worn undercarriage components, field problems or improper track adjustment. Warranty consideration is limited to track assembly defects in materials or workmanship determined by Pro Track Supply. Labor, Transportation or downtime cost related to track replacement are considered normal maintenance, and are the responsibility of the owner/operator/ user. For additional information on this warranty contact Pro Track Supply (865) 635-9838. Pro Track Supply reserves the right to discontinue or modify this warranty at anytime for any reason.

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